Siargao Island

The Surf Shop & Cafe

Shop surf essentials & relax to a quality breakfast or lunch!

The Surf Shop

Shapeshifter Surf Shop want’s to supply surfers of the island with surfing essentials, while keeping the prices fair for everyone. Come by our shop and try our 100% organic and reef safe surf wax! We also offer the best deal on surf shorts on the island with some sick styles nobody else has. The same goes for leashes with the lowest prices on branded and un-branded ropes.

In general we are trying to offer an affordable and higher quality option of most surf essentials, so you can choose depending on your budget.

Come by to check our inventory. We are looking forward to welcome you.

Shapy Organic Wax ₱140
Sex Wax ₱180
Surf shorts from ₱1000
Surfboard fins from ₱850
Surf Hats from ₱600
Ananas Branded Leash ₱2150
Standard Leash ₱1000
Organic Zinc from ₱400
Rash guards from ₱1500
Polarized Sunglasses ₱450
Dresses and bags
Custom T-shirts ₱500

The Café

Shapeshifter Café offers a quality breakfast and lunch experience while keeping it at the regular prices. Our food is prepared with love and healthy incredients. We never use sugar, condensed milk or any other unhealthy or artificial substances. Our smoothie bowls and drinks for example are true smoothies without using ice to water down the product. Instead we are using frozen fruits, for maximum flavor and health.

Our breakfast offers traditional Filipino options but big and tasteful, American breakfast and BLT is offered with crispy bacon, which is hard to find in the Philippines. We also offer pancakes, which is. a favourite of most returning guests and fruit plates or french toast.

For lunch we offer different options every week. Home-made Bolognese or tasty Cheese Burgers with freshly made patties and even crepe with coconut sauce and different options for dessert. While waiting for the food you can use our free WIFI and if you are hot we are happy to fire up the A/C for you.

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Freshly brewed coffee only ₱50

What to expect in our cafe

Brewed Coffee

American Breakfast

BLT Sandwich

Healthy Smoothies

Smoothie Bowls

Filipino Breakfast

Fresh Juices

Home-made lunch

Find Us


St. Ines, Back road
Next to Tropical Temple
General Luna

7am – 4pm

Sunday closed


Back road next to
Tropical Temple, General Luna

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0976 406 4082
+1 787 662 7300 (Whatsapp)

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