Siargao Island

Scrambler XR-S 200 “Mr Hankey”

‣ The coolest, cleanest and most powerful custom bike on Siargao
‣ Built by Shapeshifter
‣ Bigger bore custom engine 200cc
‣ Powerful torque, long gearing
‣ Great for long trips
‣ For experienced riders with license

Unlike most rentals here, we maintain our bikes in perfect condition, so you don’t have to deal with breaking down somewhere. If you just look for cheap, please look elsewhere. We rather keep our guests safe with well maintained bikes!

Overnight rentals are possible if good care and parking is provided (we supply bike cover). ₱2000 safety deposit for this bike.

No discounts on this bike.

XR-S 200 Scrambler

1500 / 24h
1200 / 7am – 7pm

Powerful and very unique

Extremely comfortable ride

Built & maintained in our workshop

Helmet included

Perfect for exploring Siargao

For experienced riders


Questions & Answers

Do you give discounts for long term rental?

In general we prefer short term rentals. Simply because we like to keep our vehicles in good shape and that’s not possible when they are out there for weeks without being washed and looked after. In this specific case we do not give any discounts as the price is already low as it is and that’s without a doubt the cleanest custom bike for rent on the island. If you want it for more than 7 days, that’s ok, but you would have to extend after each 7 days so we can clean and check it every week at least. 

Who should rent this bike?

While the bike is often rented for weddings and other photoshots, this bike is intented for road trips while being comfortable on longer trips. So if you plan on going around the island, there is no better bike to rent. As long you don’t mind getting compliments here and there about the bike.

Is overnight rental possible?

The bike can be rented from 7am to 7pm daily for road trips and for a reduced price. If you take it for more than one day, we will supply you with a bike cover so you can keep it dry in case it rains at night. As long you take care of it and keep it protected, yes, it can be rented over night.

Is there a safety deposit?

Yes. 2k per bike. Will be held on until the bike is returned in the same condition it was rented out. If there is any damage such as scratches, we will deduct whatever necessary to order broken parts or repaint. It also covers the time the bike can’t be rented out until parts arrive or until it is fixed in rare cases. Just take good care of our bike and ride responsibly.

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