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Looking for a well maintained rental bike? Whether you want a license free Electric Scooter or E-Bike for beginners and get around town silent and without spending money on gas, or explore the island on our powerful Scramblers, Shapeshifter Siargao got you covered.

Our in-house workshop makes sure our bikes are the best maintained and reliable bikes on the island, because the last thing you want is breaking down in the heat somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Not with our rentals! Don’t risk your life on a cheap rust bucket without working brakes, lights and starters, of which there are plenty for rent in Siargao.

 Electric Bikes

Explore town, nearby beaches and Restaurants in silence without driver license and without the need for gasoline. Safe and fun for everyone!

Scooters & Semi Auto

For those with driver license and who want to explore more than just town, our scooters and semi automatic bikes are a good way to explore.

XR-S 200 Scrambler

Do you want to explore Siargao with style and more power? We got you covered with our in-house built XR-S 200 Scrambler that will turn heads.

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